Harley Farms Goat Dairy: Crème de la Crème, located in scenic Pescadero

Harley Farms Goat Dairy in Pascadero, California.

One of my earthly delights is to eat “farm to table.” This is precisely what a friend bestowed upon me as I was treated to a tasty lunch at Harley Farms Goat Dairy. You want super delicious (did I say, SUPER DELICIOUS!) goat cheese?! This is it! ♣ 

Harley Farms Goat Dairy

Located in Pescadero in the golden state of California, we learned during the farm tour prior to our lunch that the land where Harley Farms occupies today was owned by a Portuguese family some 90 years ago as a dairy farm. Sue Harley, originally from the United Kingdom, came to the U.S. and years later started the goat farm which now has 200+ alpine goats on 9 acres.

There are 200+ goats at Harley Farms.
Besides goats, there are also llamas at the farm to help protect the goats from other animals.

As 14 or so of us lunch guests gathered for the tour, we soaked up some sun rays while drinking lemonade made with lavender and honey while devouring a selection of their cheeses. The honey lavender cheese was my favorite!

Harley Farms
Lemonade made with lavendar and honey.

The Harley Farms cheeses—chèvre, ricotta, feta, and fromage blanc—have won global awards. The farm sources herbs and edible flowers for its cheeses and food dishes directly from the garden on the premises.

California has a rich history of dairy and cheesemaking. Cheese-making in this state dates to 1769 when Father Junípero Serra introduced dairy cows. Today, California is the second largest cheese-producing state in the country.[1]

Harley Farms honey lavendar cheese.
Harley Farms pepper cheese.

For lunch, we dined upstairs in the barn, originally the haystack. The long dining table and upright chairs are made from a tree that had fallen on the property some years back.

The dining facilities at Harley Farms is on the second floor of the barn, originally the haystack.

For lunch, we enjoyed ravioli with Harley Farms chèvre and ricotta cheeses as the first course, followed by the main dish of salmon with double roasted potatoes and a cucumber salad mariated in vinegar. The vinegar in the cucumber salad was a delectable surprise!

Harley Farms in Pescadero
The first course at lunch was ravioli with Harley Farms chèvre and ricotta cheeses.
The main dish for lunch was salmon.

The shop at Harley Farms is full of wonderful locally-sourced products, including their cheeses along with oil, honey, and vinegar.

Harley Farms tarragon vinegar.
Harley Farms tarragon vinegar available at their shop.
The Harley Farms shop.

A great place for families and kids of all ages, I highly recommend a visit to Harley Farms, whether just for a tour of the premises or to savor a lunch or dinner. Heads-up that their scrumptious food events book months in advance! ♣ 

My curioso fun factIntel co-founder Gordon E. Moore—who predicted that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double approximately every two years and today is known as Moore’s Law—grew up in Pescadero where his childhood home (Lunasea) still exists though now an artisan art gallery as well as the barn (Pescadero Creekside Barn) he spent many playing hours.

Well, this is one way to get attention! The goats took a liking to Venilde’s red shoelaces. Credit: A friendly member on the farm tour.

**All photos and images are copyrighted work of Venilde Jeronimo unless otherwise noted. 

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